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With four babies under three between us at The Milestone Studio its safe to say we loooove babies. Having a baby is such a special time and there is so much to feel, get excited about, freak out about and organise. We are offering Fresh and New Sessions to capture your little ones enter this world so that you can remember these fleeting moments. All sessions are with our photographer Tammie, whose all about making mumma bear feel comfortable, safe and supported whilst she captures you and your newest addition. 


What is Fresh and New?

A fresh 48 session is a documentary type session in the first 48 hours of your new bubbas arrival. Sessions are all about capturing those first tender moments with bubba.  


When should I schedule my Fresh 48?

We recommended scheduling as soon as you know you want one and you know you approx due date. We have limited availability and currently only schedule a few sessions a month. 

When and where will it take place?

The session will take place at the place of delivery (hospital or home). They are scheduled within the first 48 hours after delivery during daylight hours.

Do I need permission from the hospital?

Please check and ensure photographers are allowed. In most cases, they are treated as visitors and it is generally okay, especially during visiting hours. 

How long will you be there? 

For one hour

When do you think is the best time for photographs?

This is completely up to mum and how you are feeling. Sometimes you feel up to it the day of the birth others a day or two after. 

When should I contact you?

We will require you (or someone) to contact us after you go into labour so we can ensure availability for the suggested time frame.

What if labour takes longer than expected?

No problem… just let us know when your bubba arrives and we can schedule from there.

What do we need to do for the session?

Really just you and bubs! Our style of photography is documentary meaning we are there to story tell, there's no strict posing as such, we don't bring in any special lighting and we will rarely use flash.  We believe babies look just great in a diaper wrapped in white or natural wraps. You can pack an extra shirt for dad (neutrals look great).  Mumma, please dont feel you need to put on makeup or get dressed up, neutral colours look great, but be comfortable- you bodies gone through a lot! 

If when we are there and your up for it a babies first bath is always great to capture! 

What do you think makes Fresh 48 so special?

Being a mum of two, I know how fast this time goes and how quickly those squishy little faces change, you are so exhausted that you can sometimes forget to capture this tender, sweet raw moments. It's truly a magical time. 

What next? 

Please get in touch and we can go through your birth plans and our availability.  

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